Web development for modern web

A modern approach for your website is some how important in order to look better than your competition. Web development with ready made frame work is something we use to keep standards and make things faster. Your website can have a design centered approach, sales focusing approach or a presentation focused approach. Depending on your needs it's important to make analysis of your users, device usability and statisticts to find who your users are. Based on your server technology we might offer our own hosting servers to host your website. That because of the reason to secure standards and quality on the up-time and security. It is a common offer we use to all our clients in order to be able and responsible to deliver highest quality on all levels.

Websites that are made for e-commerce are not often modern due to responsive design. Due to the difficulty to make your e-commerce website user friendly we need to cover the competition analysis and test users one-by-one to make sure quality and standards are kept to continue develop and suggest changes for better use.

Bare in mind that we always deliver top quality for SEO, responsive design and latest technology to make your visitors happy. We cooperate with your team of design and development and need to set sandards of both framework and guidelines for digital use of your company profiling. Its important to implement content marketing in a early stage to make difference to the website at once due to delivery date.

Website development

Website development has normally no issues as long as we know what we need to do. Out digital strategist will define the server technology in order to get things right from start. Our servers are Apache and are hosted on our own Linux-servers. Our servers are delivered from Ipeer in Karlstad in Sweden and we have been using their hosting services for many years.

Any safe solutiomn is always a good investment. Many websites that have a cheap hosting company have many intruduers and security problems. It's fairly easy to hack a server that is not enugh secure and have latest technology, firewall or a safe FTP login. Ipeer in Karlstad also has a safe and fast customer support whe get answers within ours if there is anything to report.

Web development

We develop latest technology for some years and use also the best and most uderfriendly approach for usability and accessibility.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Parallax design
  • Responsive design
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Wordpress
  • W3C standards