UX for better usability

Imagine your visitors to have a better experience to visit your website. Every visitor would get a better experience of the visit and also because of the design, UX and responsive design be able to buy items in your E-shop. In order to make this change we look at your website users, google analytics and make a analysis how to make your website even better.

Any user that visit your website today would expect your website to be useful on a digital pad, iPhone or any other smartphone in order read your information. In order to adapt responsive design is not often incredibly difficult but there are many ways to make it correct. in order to support mobile users it's neccessary to be modern.

Responsive web design makes your visitor happier and will most probably make your e-commerce growing. The reason to make a visitor happier is of course to sell more and make him happier to show more. There are many analysis to show tha truth behind the reason and most are showing that modern adaption to responsive design is one.

User experience development

Any website that adapt to modern technology should win in the long term to make a difference to user experience. Actually, its all about making a client happy to make more money because they understand its made for them and their user experience.

Responsive design is one of the most changing technology-connected design method to make a change to internet. It has been developed since 2010 but not really fast adapted. Among user experience designers we can mostly identify some 50% of online websites in Sweden are in-line with modern design.

User Experience

User experience come from the analysis of how we use a website. We do test any user on how they do use the website. Important things of reading the conten, using navigation, findin the menu, explain about images and can use the website for its purpose on different levels due to a questionaire pre-developed depending on what answers we are looking for.

  • wireframing
  • prototyping
  • user test
  • content strategy
  • information architecture
  • responsive design
  • development standard
  • loading time
  • accessibility
  • usability
  • readability