SEO agency

For over a decade we have deliver SEO and search engine results with genuine results and methods. Our experience of developing websites and information architecture gives us a few steps ahead of our competition where we can fokus on your defined problem and develop solutions fitting your needs.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the main technology for search visibility over 13 years and we adapt to the knowledge at once. Not only is SEO perfect as a marketing option but also economically very good for investment in your website. With our own methodology and strategy you can be successful too.

Digital marketing with SEO is financially the best option to drive clients to your website and it has been the method of making a website successful with no competition. Cleverclick is one of the first agencies in Greece to adapt to the technology already 2002 and we also deliver to other companies as consultants such as Crysi Eukairia, and Golden deals.

SEO makes your website visible

Having your website useful, such as being your marketing portal, where you own your own content and have control of your brand. It is as important as being aware of who is visiting your website and why. SEO is the tool to make you aware of your website life. A long term strategy for a website to keep it alive and living to grow as any organism to success.

Search engine opimisation is the most effective tool to make your website visible. For Internet users are searching everything in google, most probably. We have seen the trends of not having a website with responsive design and to be honest, dont get a website that you dont use. It is really ineffective and useless and could actually hurt your brand seriously.

Suggesting your success in SEO, let's start with making your website visible for your clients. We would not suggest you work with an old fashioned website. You need ot be sure what age, interest and level of tech your user are. You also ned to know if they use or demand their smartphone to be modern and useful with internet. This is preparing for responsive design at its best. Search engine optimisation work only if you know what you are doing and actually analysis, analysis and analysis is the key to get started for SEO with successful results.

SEO strategy

SEO is only a methodology to fokus on content and make a website optimized for the wanted visitors.

We are working with many different keys to get to the point of success of SEO. Some of the most important components is

  • semantic structure
  • analysis
  • keyword
  • SEO strategy
  • google tools