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Digital Agency Athens

Clever Click was established in Athens 2007 and have been a consulting agency to many digital agencies. We have innovative thoughts and digital experience in most of design and development field and business category. We love to be involved in your ideas to make a digital review to realize it. We have great experience in technology and development as well as design and usability testing.

We work with a range of components due to the production of your digital presence. Everything from you logo and branding identity, content marketing, business development and hands-on SEO from a marketing perspective and long term investment for every client project.

This year we celebrate twenty years in the digital business and are able quiet sure we are able to deliver anything upon your request.

Webbyrå göteborg

Digital agency i Athens

The founder of Clever Click started the company in Greece 2007. Our office was established in Miaouli in the area of Psyrri near Monastiraki. We started as consulting company for our expertise in development, front-end design and also SEO that we integratated in our services early 2005. For example we integrated our expert services with Xrysi Eukairia developing and designing part of their web projects for years.

We also integrated and developed usability, accessibility due to W3C with our clients in order to secure quality improvements for the user of the websites. It is today one of the most tested and integrated service and its called User Experience or UX Design.


Our consulting business in Greece was a one-man-band where every project was designed, developed and delivered by our founder. he is still going strong and love to work with every client for best possible result and integration of services. We have still clients from Malaysia, Corsica, France and Sweden.

We deliver better results than expected and we are proud in every step forward to success.

Webbyrå i Göteborg

Since 2012 we are established in Gothenburg and deliver still high results and full stack projects to our clients.